C is for Cookie...

I guess C could stand for camel, and chemicals, and colts, and compromise, and chaos and a whole lot of other words...but let's just stick with cookie, shall we? Things are just easier that way. Okay! Back on track...

This summer I am working with the youth group I used to go to back when I was in high school.
Best. Job. Ever.
Basically my job description is hanging out with awesome kids, planning events, playing games, leading a girl's bible study and having fun. What could be better?
Today was the summer kick-off party and so I made some summer themed treats...watermelon cookies.
They were a sugar cookie recipe with chocolate chip "seeds".

Now, I guess I will give you the secret to getting this watermelon look...but let's keep it hush hush shall we ;]...

After making the dough you put a smaller portion aside, about 1/4 or a 1/5 of the whole. Then you split that in half and color one of the pieces green. Wrap both in saran wrap and stick in the fridge. The rest of the dough gets red food coloring. 
Take the red and roll it into a cylinder shape and wrap it up in saran wrap as well. Refrigerate for several hours. 
After the time has passed you roll out the white and green dough into rectangles the dimensions of the diameter and the length of the red dough log.
First wrap the white dough around the red, then the green. Put it in the fridge once again, I did it over night just to make sure it was nice and firm. 
Once it is good and cold, cut it up in about 1/4 of an inch thickness. 
Cut each circle in half and put on a cookie sheet. Then place halves of chocolate chips on each as the seeds. 
Bake and then dig in!

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  1. I love these cookies! What a great site you have ~ great work!