We bust ours to kick yours...

Yesterday was my brother's graduation from college. A very prestigious college mind you, the Colorado School of Mines. Not only is it famous for being very difficult, but he graduated with two degrees: Chemical Engineering and Economics.

So this great event warranted a cake from yours truly. I created two books, each representing one of his degrees. Complete with a mortar board and a jackass.

No, the jackass wasn't some kind of jab at my brother; it is their mascot. I cut out the silhouette and drew the animal with edible marker. [Much like how I did the characters for the VBS cake]
And the cap is made by covering a small carved cake and placing a square piece of cardboard with is covered in fondant on top.

And here is the graduate and I with his cake. Complete with the office playing in the background.


  1. Cake looks amazing! And Congrats to your brother.

    How did you create the book texture?

  2. Thanks!

    Before I put the fondant on the cake I used a gumpaste tool that when you roll it over it creates an indented line. And so, I did it over and over to make the texture of the pages.