Awh, come on guys! Not the truffle shuffle!...

Now, I don't want to shock you all...but this entry does not involve cake nor gingerbread. Just breathe, you will be okay. I promise.

I know, I know. That is all I have done so far, but notice it is "My Baking Escapades" not "My Cake and Gingerbread Escapades." [Honestly because it just doesn't roll off the tongue as well, ha]

I got this recipe from the genius Miss Bakerella who makes an array of delicious and adorable treats. This in particular is the oreo truffle. 

The ingredients include oreos, cream cheese and chocolate. How can you possibly go wrong?

The design on top is made by melting chocolate in a ziplock bag and making a tiny hole in the bottom. Then as you squeeze it swipe it quickly back and forth, do it beyond the diameter of the  truffle itself.

Here is the recipe if you would like to make this deliciousness...Oreo Truffles.


  1. Dude, those were FANTASTIC.

  2. They were GREAT and beutiful!